10 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Trash for Crafting


  1. Toilet paper roll wall art

Toilet paper and paper towel rolls can be used for an absolute plethora of different wall art projects. You can do wall art or photo frames, and go fun or go classy. You can make a door wreath for the holidays, or even do wedding décor! Here you will find lots of beautiful and inspirational ideas using one of the most common household throwaway items available. If you want to experience an affordable waste removal job you need to know how to reuse and recycle your waste.

  1. Egg carton crafts

Egg cartons are another readily available household throwaway item which have a ton of uses when it comes to recycled crafting. You can make lamp shades, fake flowers, picture frames, lighting fixtures, wall art, and a ton of other useful things! Instead of dumping them in the rubbish disposal pile you can give them a new lease of life.

  1. Newspaper crafts

Newspapers are one of the most abundant items, as many of us get them delivered daily. And because we get them every day, throwing them away begins to make some people feel very guilty and wondering, “What can I possibly do with this besides throw it away?” Though it’s not an intuitive craft item, newspaper is actually incredibly versatile and can be used to craft greeting cards, gift bags, bracelets, yarn, and even furniture! You can make awesome things using recycled newspapers. Instead of spending money on rubbish removal you can recycle and create pieces of art.

  1. Kleenex box crafts

You can use empty Kleenex boxes for lots of fun and easy kids’ crafts. They make really useful accessories for some fun party games, too. If you’re looking for useful items around the house to craft, these boxes can also be used as center pieces or upcycled storage boxes. Check out all the fun things you can do with recycled Kleenex boxes!

  1. Bottle cap crafts

Bottle caps are incredibly useful for crafting. You can make wall art, Christmas decorations, jewelry and even little candles with them! Who knew? Visit various websites on the Internet to check out all the possibilities. It is easy to use a waste collection service but you can save yourself the hassle and enjoy your craft.

  1. DVD and CD crafts

In an age where all entertainment is going digital, DVDs and CDs are items which are dying to be recycled, yet it’s not exactly easy to come up with ideas on how to craft them into something pretty and functional. But believe it or not, you can actually break these things apart and design them into clocks, jewelry boxes, lots of mosaic wall pieces and even a disco ball! A disco ball, clock, jewelry box and lots of mosaic art! Junk removal is not an option any more.

  1. Jar crafts

You aren’t limited to mason jars when it comes to crafting amazing things from jars. You can let your imagination run wild and repurpose any sort of jar for great pieces of home décor. And these make excellent gifts, as well. Use jars to craft lamps, candles, wind chimes, yarn dispensers, and much more.

  1. Tin can crafts

Tin cans don’t only have to be used for tying to the backs of wedding cars (though you can still do that too if you want!). They can also be crafted into accessory holders, flower vases, planting pots, and bathroom décor.

  1. Plastic bottle crafts

You can take your bottles to a rubbish removal and recycling center, or you can go the extra mile and repurpose your plastic bottles into something cool.  From potters and jewelry holders to purses and even solar lamps, the possibilities are abundant when it comes to things you can make from plastic soda bottles! Check out lots of cool ideas here.

  1. Wine bottle crafts

This is by far my favorite option. Wine bottles and wine corks can be turned into so many beautiful things! You can use them to create hanging lights, tiki torches, candle holders, bath mats, and so much more.