Felted Wool Garland


Use up some of that yarn you’ve got laying around with this fun and family friendly craft!

Step 1:

Select a variety of color yarn making sure that you use only wool or alpaca. You must use fibers which will felt, so no acrylic or washable wool.

Step 2:

Make a assortment of small yarn balls. I like to make them about the size of a grape. Wind them as tightly as you can. Carefully run them under hot water and roll them around in your hand along with a drop of dish soap. Set aside.

Step 3:

Boil a pan of water large enough to hold your little yarn balls comfortably. Don’t overfill or get the yarn near the heating element. Boil them for about five minutes. Remove from the heat into a pan of cold water. If some of the yarn ends unwind, you can just cut them off later.

Step 4:

The balls should be firm and solid by now, but if not, you may wish to roll them around in your hand a bit longer, or you can also put them inside a sock, tie it shut, and run through a dryer cycle with your next load of clothes. When dry, thread onto another piece of yarn for a garland or use in any number of holiday decorations or crafts.